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Tallest Ravana - Barara

Tallest Ravana Barara Haryana

A structure of Ravana that would amaze Ravana himself located at Barara, Haryana. This effigy is slightly shorter than the Qutub Minar. The height of effigy of Ravana is 210 feet whereas Qutub Minar height is 238 feet. It takes 100+ people approximately 8 months to construct.

The cost to make this Ravana is Rs 25 lakh. Materials used to make this Ravana are Iron (35 quintal), Bamboo (15 quintal), Fibre (2.5 quintal), Paper (1 quintal), Cloth (1 quintal), Jute and Ropes (3 quintal), Gum for pasting (2 quintal), Wires (1 quintal), Electrical Materials (1 quintal), Fireworks (1 quintal). Total weight is about 60 quintals.

Ramleela Club of Barara

In 1987, Rana Tajinder formed the Ramleela Club of Barara. The first Ravana they constructed was just 20 feet. The height of the effigy increased over the years and they now have 5 Limca Book Records. The club also organises a 5 day 'Barara Mahotsav' sees both regional artists to local celebrities. Approximately 3,00,000 spectators witness the big bonfire. This ritual is symbolic of putting an end to the negative forces in the world.