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Rolls Royce Driverless Concept Car

Rolls Royce Driverless Concept Car

Rolls Royce has introduced a self driving concept car that looks it's from the next century. The 103EX is Rolls Royce's addition to BMW's vision next 100 concept car series. It integrates a futuristic look into the traditional Rolls Royce design.

The interior features a two seater couch with abundant legroom. The doors open automatically and the entire roof canopy opens to give passengers maximum room.

A touch screen panel is the rider's only interface with the automobile. The self driving car is operated by Rolls Royce's virtual assistant, eleanor. An automatic luggage compartment stows your matching baggage and an umbrella is hidden away in the door. Rolls Royce is relying on future technologies to develop the engine but predicts zero emissions. There are no plans to mass produce the 103EX but expect to see these features implemented into luxury cars over the next decade.