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Raghuram Rajan At A Glance

Raghuram Rajan At A Glance

Raghuram Rajan predicted the 2008 global financial crisis in 2005. Christine Lagarde; IMF Chief (March 2015) said that The world should have listened to Rajan.

He was born on February 3, 1963. he is B.Tech from IIT and MBA from IIM and Phd from MIT. He was the Chief Economic Adviser for the Indian Government before he was made the RBI Governor. In 2013 he stabilized the fall of Rupee against dollar with RBI measures. India's foreign exchange reserves are at a record high of $363.23 billion as on June 10. He laid out RBI monetary framework to bring down inflation. Rajan also released on tap licensing to ease mobile payments.

Rajan recently announced that he will not seek second term as RBI governor amidst tension between him and the government.  He said "I will, of course, always be available to serve my country when needed." Will India find a better person to fill Rajan's shoes?