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Portable Hotel Made Out Of Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Rooms

This hotel in Gujarat uses shipping containers for rooms. In a first for the Hospitality Sector. A plug n play hotel concept has been launched in Gujarat. Brainchild of Tanmay Bathwal, the portable hotel is called Beetle Smartotels.

It's 141 rooms are made out of shipping containers! Three 13x8 rooms are made in each 40 foot long container. The rooms are equipped with the same facilities and plush interiors found in regular hotels. The rooms have a three layered insulation and can be kept cool using an AC. These hotels can be built just three months! The portable rooms can also be transported to any part of the country and can be made functional in just 7 days! These are ideal for remote locations or areas where it is tough to construct a hotel. bathwal hopes to build 2,000 more rooms by 2018. Smart innovations for a smart India.