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Pinchworm - A Game With Emotional Motivations

Pinchworm Mobile Game App

Pinchworm, sounds simple, but mapping the controls into your mind makes it addictive and challenging. You are worm and you fall in love with another worm who is stolen away by the early bird. You learn more of the story by pinching your fingers together to hop over rocks and pull them apart to dig under flowers.

Pinchworm Mobile Game App

Training your muscles to do the vertical movements with your fingers while the game is horizontal, proves more difficult than you would think. Every time you screw up, you are sure that you can do better next time and you just keep playing. You can buy different themed worms such as glow in the dark worm or hipster worm.
Pinchworm Mobile Game App

Pinchworm offers an emotional motivation to keep playing. You only get to see what happens next when you score high enough points to unlock the next chapter. Pinchworm already has 100 million active users and is the number two free game and number one free arcade game on the app store.


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