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India's Jurassic Park‬

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park

Did you know that dinosaurs roamed the lands of Gujarat? Balasinor's Dinosaur Fossil Park, Gujarat. A dinosaur fossil park where you not only see fossils, but get to touch them. It is the world's third largest dinosaur excavation site with dinosaur fossils dating back 66 million years. In 1981, palaeontologists stumbled across dinosaur bones and fossils in Rahioli, Gujarat.

It served as a hatchery as well as graveyard for dinosaurs. When the eggs and remains were first found, residents from neighbouring villages started worshipping them. One lady even used a dinosaur egg to grind spices. A fossilised nest of eggs was found with a snake coiled around it, the palaeontologists thus named it 'Sanajeh indicus'. This park is one of the lesser known gems of Gujarat tourism.