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India's Birdman - Joseph Sekar

Birdman Joseph Sekar

Divine are those who give and don't expect anything in return. This man uses 40 percent of his income to feed parrots Joseph Sekar from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. A camera repairman by profession, and a birdman by passion. he is popularly known as 'India's Birdman'.

Birdman Joseph Sekar

He feeds 60 kgs of rice to parrots everyday, he wakes up at 4:30 am to prepare food for his little bird friends. An animal lover, his life took a turn after the Tsunami hit Chennai in 2004. It all started with caring for 2 parrots, he now feeds over 4,000 of them everyday leading a simple life, Sekar sets high standards of selflessness for all of us.