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Honey Collection At Sundarbans

Can you guess what is one of the most dangerous job in the world? Honey Collection. Even more so if it's done in Sundarbans, West Bengal. If the most aggressive bees in the world don't scare you, then the danger of being eaten by a tiger might.

The Bees

  • The bees found in Sundarbans are the giant honeybees called Apis dorsata. 
  • They are usually very aggressive
  • Stalk their prey from a distance.
  • Reluctant to leave the victim even if he or she jumps into the water 
Honey Collection Sundarbans

Sundarbans also has the highest number of tigers in the world. But still every year, several men with bare necessities risk their lives. The annual collection of honey from the Sundarbans region is approximately 20,000 Kgs. They get the thrill, we get the honey!