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Hidden Facebook Tips And Tricks For Power Users

Facebook Tips And Tricks

Tip 1. Turn off autoplay for videos on your news feed.

Step 1 : Under Settings click the "Videos" Tab.
Step 2 : Under Video Settings turn off the Auto Play Videos.

Tip 2. Remotely log out of other signed in locations

Step 1 : Under Settings -> Click "Security" Tab
Step 2 : Under Security Settings -> click on "Where You're Logged In" to edit your activity.

Note : You can also receive login alerts and request login approval

Tip 3 : Save links to read for later

Step 1 : Click the tab at the top right of any news feed link to save it. Then select the "Saved" page to view your saved links under Favorites on Home page.

Tip 4 : Turn your profile pic into an animated gif.

Step 1 : On your mobile phone select the "Edit" icon at the bottom right of your profile picture
Step 2 : Now take a profile video or choose an existing one

Tip 5 : Allow contributors to your photo album. 

Step 1 : Open any photo album, and click "Edit" at the top right and then enter your friends names

Tip 6 : Add your correct name pronunciation

Step 1 : In the about section of your profile, click "Details About You"

Facebook can even pronounce it for you

Tip 7 : Enable Chat Invisibility

Step 1 : Click the options wheel at the bottom of the chat bar and select "Turn Off Chat"

You can even choose to turn off chat for certain friends

Tip 8 : Unfollow people on your news feed without unfriending them

Step 1 : Click the drop down button next to anyone's name on your news feed

Tip 9 : Review your tags from friends before they appear on your timeline.

Step 1 : In Settings select "Timeline and Tagging"
Step 2 : Click "Edit" and then "Enable" under Timeline Review

Tip 10 : Manage your Facebook presence through the activity log. 

The activity log documents your every action on Facebook. Use it to remove unwanted information from your timeline

Step 1 : To access the activity log, click the drop down menu at the top right of the Facebook Toolbar

Tip 11 : Prioritize your news feed for your favorite profiles and pages. 

Step 1 : In the drop down menu on the Facebook Toolbar, select "News Feed Preferences". 
Step 2 : Here you can choose which friends and pages to appear first in your news feed. 

Tip 12 : Download all Facebook data before deactivating

Step 1 : In settings under "General" the "Download aa Copy" link allows you to save all data before deleting your Facebook account