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Fully Autonomous Delivery Drone By DHL

This is the DHL Parcelcopter 3.0, the first fully autonomous delivery drone. Outgoing parcels are inserted into robotic packing stations called Skyports. Once they're loaded into the Parcelcopter, the drone makes a vertical takeoff.
DHL Parcelcopter Drone Delivery

They're capable of flying up to 70 km/h (40 mpg) with 2 kg (4.4lbs) of payload. The Skyport also serves as a helipad for landing, and a mailbox for storage. When the Parcelcopter arrives, packages are automatically swapped out. The system allows the drone to make deliveries 3x to 4x faster than a car.

DHL Parcelcopter Skyports

DHL has already made 130 test deliveries in the Bavarian Mountains. The company hopes to test its robotic delivery system in urban areas next.