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Brexit Turmoil In The UK And Europe

Brexit Turmoil

In London, the head of the opposition Labour party faces a revolt. Jeremy Corbyn was criticized for his lackluster performance during the referendum. Ministers arrived to meet PM David Cameron. He's already stepping down. In Paris, President Francois Hollande met European Council President Donald Tusk, but neither said anything in public about some EU leaders' calls for exit negotiations to start swiftly.

London is home to hundreds of thousands of EU nationals and they are very worried. French resident in UK said that "I just feel a bit upset because i have now more the feeling, that there's about half of this country who is really upset about immigration especially EU immigration."

But 'Brexit' boss Boris Johnson says they shouldn't worry. He said "People from other European countries who are living here have their rights protected, all that people want to see is a system that's fair, impartial and humane." The UK voted by 52% to end four decades of EU membership on June 23.