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Billionaire Barber - Ramesh Babu

Billionaire Barber Ramesh Babu Bangalore

How does a barber commute to work? In a Rolls Royce. Meet Ramesh Babu from Bangalore, Karnataka. This millionaire barber also runs a successful car rental service. He started as boy running errands when he was 14 and joined his family's barber shop at age 18.

In 1993, he bought his first car, a Maruti Omni on loan, unable to repay the instalments, his aunt suggested renting out the car.

And that's where his entrepreneurial journey began. Since then he has added more than 378 cars to his fleet from BMW to Mercedes to Audi's and more. He has received several business awards and has been featured in IIM's book 'Small Big Bang'.

Taking success with grace, Ramesh still considers the hair salon to be his bread and butter.