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Average Height Of A Person In Indian States

Average Height

What you eat can determine your height. Your height depends on Genes, Food and Environment. Nutritionist Anjali Hooda says that the diet in Punjab makes its people taller and Jharkhand's diet lead to shorter height. Average height of the two states Punjab and Jharkhand are 5'6.36'' and 5'4'' respectively. The taller states in India are Kerala (5'6.24''), Haryana (5'6.12'') and Jammu & Kashmir (5'6.24''). The shorter states in India are Sikkim (5'3.27''), Arunachal Pradesh (5'3.19'') and Meghalaya (5'1.89''). The shortest people in India hail from the North East. This is due to the difference in average calorie consumption at the state level.