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Australia Goes To Polls

The Aussies will vote on Saturday to choose their next prime minister either Liberal Malcolm Turnbull or Labor Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten Australia

Bill Shorten - Shorten assumed the Labor party leadership in October 2013 after years of infighting that saw two PMs toppled in party coups.

Malcolm Turnbull Australia

Malcolm Turnbull - The multi millionaire banker has been criticised as out of touch with ordinary Aussies, but insists he is a steady hand on the economy.

Croc Predicts

Burt the 'psychic' croc, a reptile star from global hit film Crocodile Dundee, has picked incumbent Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull as the winner of Saturday's polls

Burt, a five metre long saltwater crocodile aged more than 80 years, took his time to choose between Turnbull and Shorten.