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8 Best Science Movies On Netflix

Human Planet

1. Human Planet -  From the Arctic to the desert, this awe inspiring, jaw-dropping series explores humankind's adaption to and relationship with nature.

Particle Fever

2. Particle Fever - This documentary follows six scientists as they prepare for one of the biggest and most expensive experiments in history: recreating conditions during the Big Bang at the Large Hadron Collider in Europe


3. Blackfish - This film highlights issues with the sea park industry through the tale of Tilikum, an orca whale in captivity at SeaWorld in Florida who's killed several people while living in the park.

4. Fed Up - An investigation into the American food industry and a first hand look at how processed foods - particularly sugar - contribute to deadly diseases like obesity.

Touching The Void

5. Touching The Void - This true story of two young climbers who attempted to summit Siula Grande in Peru in the 1980s and their perilous journey along the way. It's widely considered one of the most defining mountaineering tales of our time.

6. Virunga  - In a civil war and fight over the Congo's natural resources, a team of devoted park rangers risk their lives to protect Virunga National Park from poachers and armed militia.

Bigger Stronger and Faster

7. Bigger, Stronger and Faster - This documentary sucks you into the bizarre world of performance enhancing drugs in sports. Through interviews with bodybuilders, coaches, and politicians, the audience gets sense of the obsession to do whatever it takes to win.

Into The Abyss

8. Into The Abyss (A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life) - A Werner Herzog masterpiece, this documentary tells the story of death row inmate Michael Perry, who was convicted of a triple murder in 2001.