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5 Free iPhone Only Apps

5 free iPhone only apps that will make your android friends jealous.

Hitlist iPhone App


Hitlist tells users about the best times and prices for the destinations they want to visit. Once you input your interests, Hitlist generates all the best itineraries and travel times.

Photoshop Fix App

Photoshop Fix

Adobe's Photoshop Fix provides many photo enhancing capabilities available on the desktop software. The app offers functions such as crop, blur, sharpen, liquify and defocus.

Giphy Cam

Record, save and send your own Gifs with Giphy Cam. Choose filters and backgrounds then text them to your friends.

Hyperlapse App


Instagram's hyperlapse allows you to record time lapse videos on your iPhone. In addition, the app offers an image stabilization feature to smooth out shaky footage.

Paper iPhone App


Create sketches, capture photos and lay out your notes with paper by fiftythree. You can also make checklists, draw diagrams, design graphs and annotate screenshots.