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20,000 Protest Against Macedonians Government

Protest Against Macedonians Government

More than 20,000 Macedonians protest against the government over corruption allegations and conditions for fair elections in what's been dubbed the 'colorful revolution'. One of the protester said that "Our message is simple - this fascism in Macedonia has to stop. Former PM Nikola Gruevski resigned in january as part of an EU brokered deal after being accused of authorizing the wiretapping of 20,000+ people. An early election was set and a special prosecutor was supposed to investigate the scandal. But President Gjorge Ivanov decided to pardon 56 of the officials involved including the former PM.. The move led to nationwide protests resulting in the cancellation of an election set for June 5. International pressure made the president revoke his pardons but protesters say it's not enough. They want their conditions for free and fair elections to be met.