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20 Cool Things About The Tesla Model X


Tesla Model X is made by Tesla Motors which is a full-sized all-electric crossover SUV and uses falcon wing doors for access to the second and third row seats. Here are the 200 cool things about this car
  1. It has Falcon doors.
  2. The Windshield is part of the roof
  3. Ride height is adjustable
  4. Spoiler alert
  5. Auto closing charge port
  6. To open the doors press the pointed side
  7. If you have the key Fob, the door will open for you
  8. To close the door, touch the brake
  9. The doors sense nearby obstacles and adjust how far they open
  10. Trunk depth is adjustable
  11. The seats move up to get to the 3rd row
  12. The second row moves forward so the third can fold down.
  13. The phone app controls a lot lock doors, checks the charge, warm or cools the cabin before getting in, finds your vehicle and it even summons your tesla.
  14. There are Biohazard cabin filters (Aka Hepa Air Filters)
  15. The sun visors are magnetic
  16. Touch sensitive overhead lights
  17. The stereo volume salutes spinal tap
  18. Sonar senses vehicles around it
  19. Autopilot will change lanes for you
  20. Hit autopilot 4x to get Mario go kart rainbow road