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11 Amazing Facts About Apple

Amazing Facts About Apple

1. There were 3 co-founders, Ron Wayne sold his 10% stake back to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for $800 two weeks after the company was created.

2. To raise money for the company Wozniak sold his pocket calculator and Jobs sold his Volkswagen Van.

Apple Video Game Pippin

3. Apple partnered with Bandai to create a video game console in 1995 called the Pippin, it sold for $600 and was a complete failure.

4. The iTunes end user license agreement includes a clause prohibiting anyone from using it to create nuclear or biological weapons.

5. Every iPhone as displays the time as 9:41 AM, that was the time Steve Jobs first unveiled it in 2007.

6. Apple owns the patent for 'Slide To Unlock'

Apple assigns fake projects

7. Apple assigns fake projects to new employees to make sure they can be trusted.

8. In 2011, Microsoft grossed $62 Billion and Apple grossed $65 Billion passing Microsoft for the first time.

Scott Forstall Fun Home

9. Scott Forstall, former VP in charge of IOS until 2012, is now producing the 'Fun Home' musical on broadway

10. The company has more cash around $178 Billion han the US treasury

CEO Tim Cook

11. CEO Tim Cook once told a shareholder to get out of the stock when the shareholder objected to Apple's environmental initiatives.