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SCiO Spectrometer From Consumer Physics

SCiO Spectrometer

A simple beam of light is able to tell you exactly what's in your food. in seconds you can calculate the calorie, fat, and sugar content of anything in the supermarket. Meet the SCiO spectrometer from Consumer Physics.

The SCiO spectrometer uses infrared light to "scan" an object, and return the information to an app on your phone. As items are scanned across the world, SCiO collects them in a database. Thus improving its knowledge about the world and what it's made of. And as the technology powering SCiO improves, it will be able to scan more objects, with more types of results. Its creators hope for it to be able to tell how healthy or ripe plants are. What exactly is in your medicine or cosmetics or even tell you the chemical composition of things like stones, rubber, oils, or plastics. Want to know what this world is really about? Well, you better get scanning.