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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6s

7 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than the iPhone 6S.

Reason 1 - Screen Quality

The iPhone 6s just squeaks in as "HD". the Samsung Galaxy S6 has Quad HD definition. 

iPhone - 1334x750
Samsung Galaxy S6 - 2560x1440

Reason 2 - Better RAM 

The S6 has more RAM than the iPhone 6S which allows for faster interactions and processing

Samsung Galaxy S6 - 3 GB RAM
iPhone - 2 GB RAM

Reason 3 - Camera

Samsung Galaxy S6 - 16 MP
iPhone - 12 MP

Samsung Galaxy S6 has pro camera features that the iPhone does not and they are
  • ISO Control
  • White Balance
  • Macro Settings
The iPhone lacks these pro features

Reason 4 - Widgets

Unlike Apple, you can customize your homescreen with widgets, on the S6

Reason 5 - Heart Beat Sensor

The S6 has health features built into the Phone's hardware whereas the iPhone does not 

Reason 6 - Notifications

Samsung notification screen is sleeker and easier to navigate whereas Apple's notification screen is overwhelming and unorganized.

Reason 7 - Bigger Screen

The S6 has a larger screen while still having a similar form factor