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NASA Robots Flew Through Magnetic Explosion

NASA Robots

NASA recently flew four spacecraft through an invisible explosion in space called a Magnetic Reconnection Event, these powerful blasts create a huge amount of radiation in space. Understanding them is instrumental to protecting satellites, spaceships, and astronauts as we venture deeper into space.

Space is teeming with Magnetic Fields and when they collide and realign, an explosive magnetic reconnection can occur. Such blasts fling nearby electrons, protons, and other particles through space at incredible speeds. NASA's four magnetospheric multiscale mission spacecraft (MMS) fly a pyramid shape through space. They fly where earth's magnetism meets the sun's constantly recording magnetic data and looking for reconnections.

In October 2015 they recorded a magnetic reconnection explosion collecting a heap of data about the mysterious phenomenon for the first time. NASA says the energy created by such events are "As important to movement in space as gravity is to movement on earth"