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MORPHotel - Floating Luxury Hotel

MORPHotel Floating Luxury Hotel

This floating luxury hotel changes shape to surf the ocean. Part hotel and part cruise ship the MORPHotel could be the coolest way to travel the world. The futuristic concept for a floating hotel was designed by engineer and architect Gianluca Santosuosso. 

The floating system is developed around a half mile long spine that curves with the water currents. It would constantly travel at slow speeds around the world docking in cities to allow passengers to board or disembark. While at sea, it can form a floating harbor by curling its arms. Some luxury rooms will be able to undock from the MORPHotel and sail within a safe distance. It's designed to be an independent self sufficient vessel generating its energy from the movement of the waves and solar panels.

While at port the dock would act as a pedestrian bridge and a Helipad while at sea