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Krishna's Butterball‬ - Mysterious Rock

Krishnas Butterball

If you put a ball on a slippery slope, it would come rolling down right? not if it is a 250 ton rock boulder Krishna's Butterball in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, A 20 ft. tall rock boulder is perched on a slippery slope on just a 2 sq. ft. base unremoved by Tsunami, earthquakes, or cyclones for over 1200 years old. Attributed to the ball of butter Lord Krishna would steal, this rock gets the name 'Krishna's Butterball'. Its original Tamil name is 'Vaan Irai Kal' which translates to "Stone of The Sky God". 

Krishnas Butterball‬ Vaan Irai Kal

In 1908, the governor of Chennai had seven elephants try moving the rock but it didn't move an inch, be it science or supernatural powers. This butterball is giving gravity a run for it's money.