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June 1st History

June 1st History

1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte swears fidelity to the French constitution.

1831 - Sir James Clark Ross locates the magnetic North Pole on his Arctic expedition with Admiral Parry.

1874 - The British East India Company is dissolved as a result of the East India Stock Dividend Redemption Act 1873.

1879 - Eugene Louis Jean Napoleon, Prince Imperial of France, is killed in the Zulu campaign in South Africa.

1910 - Captain Robert Falcon Scott sails out of London's East India docks on the Terra Nova, bound for the South Pole.

1939 - While carrying out trials in Liverpool Bay, the Royal Navy submarine Thetis leaks carbon monoxide, poisoning 70 of its crew.

1942 - Television licences are first issued in Britain.

1959 - Death of Sax Rohmer, the English author who created Dr Fu Manchu.

1966 - Purist folk fans boo Bob Dylan at the Albert Hall in London when he uses an electric guitar for the first time in Britain.

1971 - The two room shack in Tupelo, Mississippi, where Elvis Presley was born is opened to the public as a tourists attraction.

1979 - Rhodesia takes the name of Zimbabwe.

2004 - Nelson Mandela announces his retirement from public life.