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Guinness Rishi - Tattoo Man

Guinness Rishi Tattoo Man

The man who lives to break records meet Guinness Rishi from New Delhi. He holds multiple records and is Bipley's brand ambassador in India. He also holds the Guinness world record for 499 tattoos on his body. His tattoos includes maps of 85 countries and 3 portraits in total he holds 25 world records of which 8 are Guiness world records.
Guinness Rishi 755 Straws

He once continuously drove a Kinetic scooter for 1001 hours and even got his teeth removed to fit 755 straws named Har Prakash Hari at birth. He changed his name to 'Guinness Rishi '. Mr Rishi might be 74 years old but he is still young at heart.