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Gallium Uses And Properties

Gallium Uses And Properties

It's a silver colored metal that is extracted during zinc and aluminum production. It's mainly used in the production of semiconductors but it's also used in lasers in Blu-Ray players and LED lights and it is an addictive in Ski Wax.
Gallium Solid Form

In its solid form, it cannot be extracted from the container but by placing it in warm water for a few minutes, it will transform to a liquid. The melting point of Gallium is about 85 degrees fahrenheit.

In liquid form crystal will form as it cools and you can speed it up with ice. It's one of the few materials that expands as it cools. Liquid Gallium can be applied to a pane of glass and turned into a mirror.

Gallium Spoon

A famous parlor trick uses Gallium to make a spoon disappear in hot tea. A Gallium spoon is made using a rubber mold.The heat from the tea will cause the gallium to melt. As you stir the drink, the spoon will quickly turn into a puddle of goo leaving the tea drinking in shock. It's not toxic, but we wouldn't recommend eating the stuff. Gallium widely available online, if you want to play with it yourself