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Dos and Don'ts Of A Job Interview

Dos and Donts

Dos and Don'ts Of A Job Interview

Never Be Late - Try to be at least 10 minutes before schedule time. In case you are late then inform to the company about your delay.
Dress Appropriately - It is important to look neat, good and professional.

Don't Smoke -  Smoking right before interview might not be good idea. You should smell fresh

Do Carry Paperwork - Please carry the required paperwork with you, even if you mail the soft copy to the employer it's always better to carry the hard copy.

Be Nice To Everyone - On the day of your interview make sure you are nice to anybody and everybody you meet. You never know the man who showed the middle finger in the parking lot could be the one taking your interview.

Make Eye Contact - Please make eye contact. It shows that you are confident and nothing to hide

Don't Be In A Hurry To Sit - Sit only when a chair is offered to you and also make sure that it posture, it's confident and energetic.

Handshakes Should Be Firm - Your handshake should be as strong as your determination to get the job.

Sound Confident - Being soft spoken might not help. A forceful voice projects confidence and leadership qualities. However should not sound overly aggressive to.

Leave Personal Issues At Home - Do not bring up personal problems and issues to the table with the interviewer until and unless the interviewer asks.

Be Attentive - Never be in a hurry to answer the question. Listen to it very carefully, if you are unable to get the question then ask the interviewer very politely. Also do not forget to mention the strength in your answer.

Don't Be Robot - Don't be a robot because it's an interview. Have a little fun with it and be more confident and make it two way conversation and please don't give boring answers to the interviewer.

Desperation Is A Big No - Don't show that you are too desperate for job. Also don't say anything about your current or ex company its not a good thing.

Never Ever Lie - Never lie, if your employer asks about your greatest achievements and all your weakness, say it as it is. Stress on your achievements and also talk about your weaknesses and tell how you improve.

Do Your Homework - Do your homework, it's important to read about the company, the culture and just let them know why you work for the company.

Overconfidence Is Stupid - Do not enquire about your salary, bonuses, leaves until after you receive an offer, Being confident is good but being overconfident is stupid.

Stay Alert All The Time - Even if your interviewer acts too friendly make sure you behave properly and stay alert all the time.

Think Beyond Your Resume - Think beyond your resume. A good interviewer would probably allow you to speak more about yourself. use the opportunity to impress the interviewer.

You Can Do It -  Most importantly don't be nervous. You can crack any interview that you want.