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5 Ways To Improve Uber Passenger Rating

Uber Passenger Rating

Every Uber customer has a hidden passenger rating and bad ones can make it harder for you to get a ride. Here are 5 ways to improve your passenger rating (according to Uber drivers). 

Rule 1 : Give out 5 star ratings. Drivers rely good ratings in order to continue driving for Uber. So if you let your drivers know you're giving them 5 stars - they might oblige and do the same for you

Rule 2 :  Be ready and on time. Make sure the pin for your pickup location is set to the right address. Pickups pinned to the wrong location forces your driver to call and find you, which is a waste of their time and just plain annoying.

Rule 3 : Uber doesn't support tipping through its app, but drivers are all allowed to accept cash tips, which helps both the driver and your rating. 

Rule 4 : Don't overload the car. Overloaded vehicles are dangerous and against the law. If you're travelling with four or more people. Just order an Uber XL or a second car. 

Rule 5 : Be respectful. Uber drivers are not your butlers or your lackeys. Slamming doors, smoking in cars, and asking for detours through fast food drive throughs are sure fire ways to a one star rating.