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4 Medical Inventions That Could Save Millions


1. XSTAT - This device can plug a gunshot wound in 20 seconds. A large syringe is loaded with tiny sponges that quickly expand on contact with blood. The sponges tightly pack the wound giving the patient more time to get to a hospital

Vein Viewer

2. Vein Viewer - This device lets you see veins under the skin in real time. It projects near infrared light onto your skin. The surrounding tissues reflect the light while proteins in blood absorb it then the device processes and projects the image back onto your arm.

3.VetiGel - This gel can stop bleeding within seconds. Vetigel is made from Algae. It particles tightly bind together forming a mesh creating a barrier that almost instantly stops bleeding

Cholesterol Removal  Machine

4. Cholesterol Removal  Machine - This medical concept might be able to get rid of dangerous cholesterol plaque which often leads to heart disease and strokes. The device attaches to the wall of the artery then a drill scrapes the plaque from the artery wall.

These inventions might just revolutionize the medical field.