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Spoken English Question And Answers

Spoken English

Q: Can any English word be written in phonetic manner? If we don't know the pronunciation of a word then how can we write? - Explain.
A: Phonetic script is for writing the correct pronunciation of any English word.

Q: If anybody wants to join CEIFL or TOEFL, for how many days will he have to take the course to learn correct pronunciation of the words of English?
A: CIEFL now called EFLU is an institute for post graduate courses, especially in Englsh. TOEFL is an eligibility test for doing a course of study in the US. No connection between the two,

Q: We got up from sleep. - Is this correct?
A: Correct.

Q: During and Link verb - Please tell me the uses and meaning.
A: During: Any point of time between the starting time and the ending time.
eg: During my period of study in the college = At any time while I was studying in the college.

Q: He did have gone. - Is this right?
A: Wrong. You say either, 'He has gone' or 'He went' if you mention the time of his going (yesterday / today / at three this morning, etc.)

Q: "I like studying" he / He said. - Which one
is right?
A: 'I like studying', he said. - Correct.