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Top 10 Mysteries Of The Universe

Mysteries Of The Universe

1. Dark matter and dark energy: what exactly is it?
2. NASA UFO sightings/extraterrestrial lifeforms: is there anybody else out there?

Extreme Fact - Alleged encounters with aliens date back to 1897! In April of that year, in Aurora, texas, it is claimed a craft crashed and that an alien is buried in the local cemetery

3. Multiverse: are there parallel universe to ours?
4. Black holes: how can galaxies survive with these energy sucking forces in them?
5. Do rock formations on Mars indicate a connection to Earth?
6. How did the Universe begin, and how will it end?
7. Are the photo/footage of ancient ruins on the Moon real or fabricated?
8. White holes: the opposite of black holes, they release matter/energy, but how?
9. Spiral shape of galaxies: why do some have this elegant, swirly form?
10. Sounds from space: where did the eerie sounds come from, detected in December 2000?