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Disaster Strikes Asia The Most

Disaster Strikes Asia The Most

Countries and mage cities across Asia are highly exposed to natural hazards ranging from cyclones to earthquakes, but people in sub saharan Africa are more vulnerable, according to a report.

1-4 billion people in South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan) face at least one major threat from Nature, especially flooding, severe storms boosted by rising seas, and quakes. China, Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines are also among the nations with the largest numbers of people in harm's way.

Vulnerability : Africa is the continent where people are most likely to suffer injury, disease and death as a result of natural disasters. Nine out of ten countries ranked as most vulnerable to natural hazards in the index are in sub Saharan Africa. 23 of 25 are on the continent.

Exposed to disaster:

100% - Bangladeshis
82% - Indians
70% - Pakistanis.