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10th Class Social Studies 1 Mark Questions

1.what is settlement?

Ans. The way we organize ourselves and our living spaces in a place is called settlement

2. Who are called seasonal migrants?

Ans : the people who migrate only for short period of time are called seasonal migrants

3. What is internal migration?

Ans: the movement of people within a country (between states, districts, villages etc) is called internal migration.

4. Why are tools, machines and buildings considered as fixed capital?

Ans: Tools, machines and buildings are not used up or consumed immediately in production process. They help to produce goods or services over many years. That is why they are called fixed capital or physical capital.

5. Give three examples of allied activities.

Ans: poultry, fishing and dairying are three examples of allied activities.

6. What were the results of spraying of Endosulfan?

Ans :
i. As a result of the spraying, very serious health problems were seen in the local people, particularly agricultural workers.
ii. As at least 5,000 people have died and for countless others, life had become worse than death as cancer and deformities became prevalent.

7. What is ICDS?

 Integrated Children Development Scheme

8. What is Marshal Plan?

With world war – II many European countries badly affected. Marshal Plan is announced by US to give economic support to the European countries to reconstruct and rebuild after the world war – II.

9. What were the problems of landless peasants in Vietnam?

The landless peasants rented the land of landlords. They had to pay rent in both share of produce and also by working on the fields and homes of the landlords. They had to pay different kinds of taxes imposed at will by the landlords. This forced the peasants to borrow rice and money form the landlords and push them further into debt bondage.

10. what was the Tebhaga movement ? who led it ?

‘Te’ means three, ‘bhaga’ means share. The Bengal poor peasants started this movement demanding three portions in the harvest. They raised instead of two portions.Provincial Kisan Sabha led it.

11. what made the assassination of prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 ?

Indira Gandhi ordered for Operation Blue Star to clear the militants hiding in Golden Temple. The Sikh militants were angry with this. This feeling of Khalistan made the assassination of Prime Minster Indira Gandhi.

12. what is green peace movement ?

Greenpeace Movement mainly deals with environmental issues like pollution and climate change. It has developed the idea of sustainable development.

13. In which year is RTI Act formulated ? what is RTI ?

RTI Act was formulated in 2005. RTI stands for Right To Information.