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India Bangla Rail Link By 2017

India Bangla Rail Link

Rs 580 crore okayed for laying of the 5 km railway track up to Bangladesh border. 15 km long rail line will connect Agartala and Akhaura in Bangladesh by 2017. Of the 15 km track, 10 km falls in Bangladesh and the rest in India.

Line to connect Indian Railways with Bangladesh Railways through North East to improve connectivity and boost trade between the two countries. Rs 1000 crore sanctioned for completion of track in Bangladesh side. A 3.7 km long flyover to be built along the five kn stretch on the Indian side to save cultivable lands.

1700 km distance between Agartala and Kolkata   through Chicken neck near Siliguri to be cut to 350 kilometre.

During Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit to New Delhi in January 2010, the two countries had agreed to lay the track between Akhaura and Agartala.