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Another Dead Whale Reaches Ashore In Odisha

33 foot long sperm whale washes ashore ganjam coast in Odisha Berhampur. The reasons beaching continues to baffle scientists, but pollution and climate change are considered important factors. A 40 foot long blue whale that had washed ashore on Wednesday in Maharashtra was successfully released into the Arabian Sea. Wildlife officials claimed the nine hour long operation as the biggest rescue mission in the state involving a blue whale.

23 dead whales have been washed ashore in less than a month across Europe's beaches. Germany alone has sen the 8 whales being beached. Being hit by fishing trawlers could be a possible reason for their beaching say Marine experts.

More than 100 short finned pilot whales were washed ashore, of which nearly 60 died, in what has been considered an unusual incident in thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu in January.