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Top 10 Teams With The Coolest Nicknames

Manchester United

1. Manchester United
Nickname - The Red Devils

Manchester United's numerous wins and awards include the famous "treble" of 1998-99, where they won the European Cup, FA Cup and where Premier League champions. The team has attracted some soccer star greats, including Dutch international Robin van Persie, shown celebrating in this pic (left) with teammate Wayne Rooney.

Real Madrid

2. Real Madrid
Nickname - The Vikings

3. The New York Yankees
Nickname - The Bronxs Bomber

Many sports teams have been around for a long time, but the New York Yankees are on of the oldest: it's been a New York-based team for 110 years, since 1903!

Dallas Cowboys

4. Dallas Cowboys
Nickname - America's Team

Texas Rangers

5. Texas Rangers
Nickname - The Power Rangers

6. Philadelphia Flyers
Nickname - The Board Street Bullies

Spanish National Soccer Team

7. Spanish National Soccer Team
Nickname - La Furia Roja (The Red Fury)

Los Angeles Dodgers

8. Los Angeles Dodgers
Nickname - The Boys In Blue

Atlanta Falcons

9. Atlanta Falcons
Nickname- Dirty Birds

New Orleans Saints

10. New Orleans Saints
Nickname - The Aints