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Saudi Is Third Happiest

Saudi Is Third Happiest

Saudi has come third in a poll for the world's happiest countries in a list that has almost no EU Countries. Despite condemnation from human rights groups, and being in a region torn apart by religious and regional strife, the kingdom has only been pipped to top position by Fiji and Colombia. Mexico is ranked as the world's eighth happiest country. The research was carried out by WIN/Gallup International,a polling association which interviewed 66,040 people from 68 countries.

Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most surprising result as the country arrests and imprisons critics, oppresses and executes the Shia religious minority, and does not adequately protect women in law from discrimination and sexual violence. China and Fiji are also two of the most hopeful nations, with China also the third most optimistic about economic prosperity. Nigerians are the most optimistic about their economy.

Italy is the least hopeful nation out of their 68 nations surveyed, while greece is the third most unhappy country and France and Italy tie as the 10th most unhappy.