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Saffron Molecule May Fight Liver Cancer

Saffron Molecule

A Bio-molecule found in saffron may potentially help treat a common form of liver cancer, a new study has claimed.

  • Sorafenib, a drug that inhibits the growth of new blood vessels, remains the only available therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) , a common type of liver cancer, researchers said. 
  • Researchers from the United Arab Emirates University examined the chemopreventive action of saffron's main biomolecule, crocin
  • The researchers assessed the effects of crocin on HepG2 cells - a perpetual cell line consisting of human liver carcinoma cells
  • In addition, they studied the effects of crocin on cell cycle distribution of HepG2 cells
  • Network analysis identified NF-kB as a potential regulatory hub, and therefore, a candidate therapeutic drug target.
  • Crocin exhibited anti-inflamatory properties where a protein complex NF-kB, among other inflammatory markers, was inhibited
  • These findings introduce crocin as a candidate chemo preventive agent against HCC