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Top 10 Sonic Super Animals

One of the amazing talents some animals have is "echolocation": using their sound to "see" other animals and obstacles. Here are the most talented sonic searchers...

Bottlenose Dolphin

1. Bottlenose Dolphin
Sound Frequency - Varied
Range - Exceptional

Dolphins and whales use echolocation (their biological sonar) to find food and chat with one another. You'll have heard them on nature documentaries with their series of whistles and clicks. When they make a sound, it bounces back through their surroundings and is analyzed by the their brain. How cool is that?!

Killer Whale

2. Killer Whale
Sound Frequency -Varied
Range - Exceptional

Greater Horseshoe Bat

3. Greater Horseshoe Bat (Microbat)
Sound Frequency -Varied
Range - Broad to detailed

Egyptian Fruit Bat

4. Egyptian Fruit Bat (Megabat)
Sound Frequency -Varied
Range - Broad to detailed

Think that all bats use echolocation? They don't! There are two kinds of bats: microbats and megabats. All microbats echolocate but of the megabats, just the Egyptian Fruit Bat has this amazing skill. It only eats fruit, but does use the skill for navigation and communication.


5. Porpoise
Sound Frequency - Narrowband
Range - Directional/exact

Pygmy Sperm Whale

6. Pygmy Sperm Whale
Sound Frequency - Narrowband
Range - Directional/exact

7. Oilbird
Sound Frequency - Limited
Range - Basic

Swiftlet Bird

8. Swiftlet Bird
Sound Frequency - Limited
Range - Basic


9. Tenrec
Sound Frequency - Low
Range - Very basic


10. Shrew
Sound Frequency - Low
Range - Very basic