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Top 10 Biggest Constellations

A constellation is an area in the sky which contains many, many stars. Some of those are bright enough for us to see patterns. These are the most vast...


1. Hydra
Also Known As - The Sea Serpent
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') - 1,302,844

Hydra isn't just the biggest constellation in terms of sky space, it's also the longest, hence it being named after a giant sea serpent!

2. Virgo
Also Known As - The Virgin
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') -1,294,428

Ursa Major

3. Ursa Major
Also Known As - The Great Bear
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') - 1,279,660


4. Cetus
Also Known As - the Whale/Sea Monster
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') -1,231,411


5. Hercules
Also Known As - The Hero Hercules
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') - 1,225,148


6. Eridanus
Also Known As - The River Eridanus
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') - 1,137,919

7. Pegasus
Also Known As - The Winged Horse
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') - 1,120,794


8. Draco
Also Known As - The Dragon
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') - 1,082,952


9. Centaurus
Also Known As - The Centaur
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') - 1,060,422

10. Aquarius
Also Known As - The Water Bearer
Area Of Sky (SQ.DEG') - 979,854