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List Of E-Waste Hazardous Components

E-Waste Hazardous Components

Cathode Ray Tubes - Lead, barium and other heavy metals percolate into ground water and release toxic phosphor

Printer Circuit Boards - Removing computer chips results in tin and lead inhalation, and possibly brominated dioxin, beryllium, cadmium and Mercury inhalation

Dismantled Printed Circuit Board Processing - Open burning of waste boards causes toxicity in workers and nearby residents from tin, lead, brominated dioxin, beryllium, cadmium and others

Chips and Other Gold Plated Compounds - If its chemical are stripped using nitric and hydrochloric acid, it may result in acid contact and may result in permanent injury. Inhalation of mists and fumes of acids, chlorine and sulphur dioxide can cause respiratory irritation to severe effects.

Plastics From Computer and Peripherals

- Shredding and low temperature melting - Probable hydrocarbon, brominated dioxin and PAH exposure to workers living in the burning works area emission of brominated dioxins and heavy metals and hydro carbons.

- Polychlorinated biphenyls used in condensers and transformers cause cancer, affect immune, endocrine and reproductive systems.

- Chloro Fluoro Carbons found in cooling units like ACs cause toxic emissions when they are combusted. Arsenic found in small quantities in the form of Gallium Arsendie in LEDs are poisonous.

- Lead which is found in batteries and printed wiring boards, causes damage to nervous and circulatory systems and also causes learning disabilities in children.