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How Does Santa Do It

Santa Claus

Dr. Sharon George, an expert in climate change and green technology at Keele University, also one of a growing number of scientists taking an interest in the big question: If santa is real, how does he do it? could there be an explanation worth believing in?

  • The Logic: There are 2.2 billion children in the world according to Unicef; Dr George divides that in half (roughly two per household). Then she divides it again to reflect the proportion of families with value systems based on Christianity.
  • That leaves Santa with 366 million visits to make. His journey around the world has been calculated at 7.5 million kilometers.
  • She divides the distance by 48 hours to calculate that he needs to move at 1,56,579 kilometers per hour.
  • There should however, be a continuous series of sonic booms as Santa breaks the sound barrier many times on Christmas Eve.
That could mean Santa could actually be all over the world on Christmas Eve as long as nobody sees him. America's fastest fighter jet, unveiled earlier this year, will fly at mach 5.1, the speed of sound. Santa's sleigh has to reach at least mach 100