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Exercises To Tighten Muscles After Cesarean Section

For women after C-Section it is important to tighten belly muscles. They should go for a trainer for this. Some exercises are

Belly Breathing

Belly Breathing : Involving expanding and contracting the stomach. In this the right rhythm must be achieved through the guidance of a trainer.

Swiss Ball Abs

Swiss Ball Abs : Do the exercise of crunches and rotation to take care of the lower and upper abs.

Swiss Ball Flooring : The ball is placed on the floor and the person pulls the ball in and out. This helps to tighten muscles and relax the back.

Side Planks

Side Planks : Ensure that the hip and abdomen muscles are not expanding and can be controlled.

These light exercises are advised in the first few weeks after the weaning of the child from mother's milk as it helps to regain shape. The maintenance period of these exercises is one to one and a half years for women. They must do this once in a week after proper warm up.

Caution: Giving up the exercise regime after two to three months is found to backfire very badly as there will be too much of bloating and addition of weight. This must be kept in mind.