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December 25th History

December 25 History

800 BCE - In Rome, Charlemagne, King of the Franks, is crowned Emperor of the West by Pope Leo III.

Christ's Birth Date Is Official

440 CE - The leaders of the Christian Church have decided that the date of the birth of Jesus Christ should be fixed. At present some people observe it in May, some in January and some combine it with the feast of Epiphancy. The date mooted is December 25, the day that the Romans celebrate the winter solstice. The Celtie and Germanic tribes as well as the Norsemen also hold this period dear. The Church authorities do not want their celebration to be tainted by an association with heathen customes, however, and are thought to be engaged in the task of creating rites that will underline the differences between their faith and any of an ungodly nature.

1066 - William the Conqueror is crowned King of England at Westminister Abbey.

1497 - Florentine friar and charismatic preacher Giralomo Savonarola denounces the Pope for corruption and accuses Leonardo da Vinci of sodomy.

1800 - Britain's first Christmas tree is put up at Windsor by Queen Charlotte.

1913 - In New York, a couple are arrested for kissing in the street.

1914 - British and German soldiers observe an impromptu truce on the Western Front.

1926 - Hirohito accedes to the throne of Japan on the death of  his father, Emperor Yoshihito.

1977 - Charlie Chaplin Dies

1983 - Death of Spanish Surrealist artist Joan Miro, whose painting was influenced by dreams and by poetry

1987 - Israeli forces crack down on Arab rioters

1989 - President Ceausescu and his wife are executed by the Romanian army.

1991 - French actress Orane Demazis, known for her roles in Marcel Pagnol's Marseilles Trilogy, dies aged 87.

1995 - First major multi-organ transplant in India is performed at the Apollo Hospital in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India.