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Traffic Signal Violation Awareness Video

Traffic Signal Violation Awareness Video

Vehicle users waiting at the junctions do not wait for the signal to turn green and move even it shows red.
This results in mess up with other vehicles coming in the opposite direction causing accidents. “It is a common sight in traffic signals as motorists fight after jumping the signal”, said M. Kumar, a motorist.

“At many signals, vehicle users continue to cross the junction even after the signal has turned red. “They don’t even wait after the signal changes to yellow”, he added.

Though the biggest offenders are two-wheeler's and bus drivers, other road users waiting at the signals are also forced to violate the rules and keep moving along with others. “If I follow the rules and wait at the signal, violator’s vehicle will hit me”, said L. Muthukumar, a senior citizen. He said that merely charging Rs. 100 as fine for violators is insufficient and said that signal jumping is a major cause for accidents.

Senior police officials told The Hindu that road users should realise that traffic signals are for the safety and signal jumping would cause accidents and confusions on the roads. They added that policemen can only ensure free flow of traffic and cannot nab the signal jumpers.

Creating awareness among the road users, special drives against signal jumping and stop line violations, installing automated red light violation detection system that capture instances of over speeding and red signal light jumping should be installed at traffic signals on arterial roads.