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Go! Walk And Get Paid

A smartphone app pays you for walking encourages to hit the street. Bitwalking a new digital crypto currency, called Bitwalking dollars, has been launched that is generated by human movement. 10,000 steps/ 8 km would earn you one BW dollars.

Bitwalking Money Walking

Users spend what they earn in an online store, or trade their BW dollars for cash. The founders of the project, Nissan Bahar, Israel and Franky Imbesi, Italy have attracted more than $10 million of initial funding to help launch the currency and create the bank that verifies steps and any transfers.

In 2014  they had launched keepod in Kenya, a $ 7 USB stick that acts like a computer. Global scheme plans to partner with sportswear brands, health services, health insurance firms, environmental groups, and advertisers into the audiences they are targeting.