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Get Ready For A Superphone

Superphone China

China's Telecom Gaint Huawei will astonish the world with its finest ever discovery 'superphones'. 2020 is the year by which the company will lunch the next generation phone. 

What's A Superphone

The Superphone will unify digital and human intelligence. Thus, it will create a new era of Internet of things or IoT After advanced communication technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and WiFi, the next phase would be to integrate 5G technologies into a mobile phone, making it a Superphone. 

How Different Would 5G Be

5G would connect all the digital devices or someone's home electric appliances, automobiles, hospital equipment and education materials in schools and other institutions alike, into one platform and yet making them establish a conversation.

Super Capacity

Simply put, a Superphone would control and operate all these devices through a single phone.

Resources Deployed

Huawei has deployed resources to develop key technologies for IoT. They are 

- Perception technology such as sensors, object recognition, and 3D scanning;
- Intelligence Technology such as Big Data analysis, digital intelligence, and circumstantial intelligence platforms.

$500 million is the amount Huawei is spending on the project.