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Finger Prick Blood Tests Unreliable

Finger Prick Blood Tests Unreliable

A single drop of blood collected from your finger tips for medical tests may not always yield correct results.

Reasons - Wide variation have been found in the results conducted by taking a drop of blood from the finger tip and that collected as sample in hospitals.

Results - Hemoglobin content, platelet count and WBC count, each, significantly varied.

Whats's Being Done

  • A Simple protocol to test whether there is actual variation, and if so, how much, is being designed
  • Six Successive 20 microlitre droplets of blood from 11 donors are done
  • Each 20 microlitre droplet was analysed with a hospital graded blood analyser for hemoglobin concentration, total white blood cells (WBC) count, platelet count and three part WBC differential, a test that measures the ratio of different types of white blood cells
  • Each 10 Microlitre droplet was tested for hemoglobin concentration with a popular point-of-care blood analyser used in many clinics and blood centers.