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Indian Nuclear Scientists Disappear

Nuclear Scientists Disappear

As unbelievable as it may sound, nuclear scientists of the country have an uncanny link to unnatural deaths. In an RTI reply, the department of atomic energy reveals that 11 of its nuclear scientists had unnatural deaths during 2009-13

8 scientists and engineers working in laboratories and research centers of the department died in a blast or by hanging or drowning in the sea. 2 research fellows died in a mysterious fire in the chemistry lab of BARC, Trombay in 2010. 1 scientist of F-grade was found murdered at his residence in Mumbai. It is sespected that he was strangulated. The murderer remained untraced. 1 D-grade scientist at RRCAT also allegedly committed suicide. 1 scientists posted at Kalpakkam allegedly jumped into the sea to end his life in 2013 with the case is still under probe. 1 Mumbai based scientist committed suicide by hanging. 1 scientists allegedly committed suicide by jumping into Kali river in Karwar, Karnataka with police again pointing at personal reasons. 2 other scientists of Nuclear Power Corporation committed suicide.